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English-Hindi > vacation pay" sentence in Hindi

vacation pay in a sentence

11._Try to get any severance package in writing before you debate the vacation pay.

12.Currently, workers receive their annual vacation pay in a lump sum on Feb . 20.

13.The company now gives them union benefits such as a pension, health insurance and vacation pay.

14.The fund would be used to cover severances, vacation pay and other items owed to workers.

15.Evans surrendered $ 7, 000 in back vacation pay; the Journal paid the balance to Zuckerman.

16.Reynolds said the company owes her about $ 9, 000 in wages and unused vacation pay.

17.This state treats accrued vacation pay as wages.

18.Some, such as holiday pay, vacation pay, etc ., are usually paid for by the firm.

19.The two sides also have to bridge gaps on issues such as work rules and vacation pay.

20.Most or all of the state employees received their furloughed vacation pay _ except the state police.

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