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English-Hindi > vacation pay" sentence in Hindi

vacation pay in a sentence

21.Jones claims he is owed $ 82, 000 in overtime and vacation pay between 1996 and 1998.

22.-- Withholding vacation pay from strikers.

23.Employers have said any salary increases would have to be at the expense of cuts in vacation pay.

24.Sick pay was retained at the existing level in exchange for concessions on vacation pay and other issues.

25.The amount includes back vacation pay.

26.The employees are searched as they enter the plant and routinely denied overtime and vacation pay, he said.

27.The Democrat was notable for refusing to pay 13 vouchers that lame-duck officials submitted for purported vacation pay.

28.He questioned the legality of some of the proposals, such as eliminating vacation pay for 65 full-time musicians.

29.Brady and DiLacqua were given 20-day suspensions and allowed to forfeit unused vacation pay rather than miss work.

30.Those layoffs have prompted former Charter employees to sue the company, demanding severance pay and accumulated vacation pay.

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