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English-Hindi > vacation pay" sentence in Hindi

vacation pay in a sentence

31.He is seeking more than $ 700, 000 in damages, plus stock options, back pay, and unused vacation pay.

32.Bridges confirmed that she has filed a fadupal complaint against Clara Harris to recover severance, overtime and vacation pay.

33.He can accumulate his sick and vacation pay and cash them out at his daily rate when he leaves.

34.He is seeking more than $ 700, 000 in damages, plus stock options, back pay and unused vacation pay.

35.Their final paychecks hadn't included unused sick and vacation pay, as they believed they were promised before their lockout.

36.But at least half of the benefits, including Social Security payments and vacation pay, are tied directly to wages.

37.Union officials want to end the strike before then so that workers will be entitled to full vacation pay.

38.She didn't get health benefits, a 401 ( k ), vacation pay, sick pay or even an hourly wage.

39.In yet another alternative, some nonprofits are using severance pay and vacation pay to replace lost retirement benefits, Roque said.

40.You also can count the money as earned income for 2001 if it consists of severance pay or vacation pay.

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