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English-Hindi > vacation pay" sentence in Hindi

vacation pay in a sentence

41.I'm fairly sure you get the same vacation pay for the extra Saturday as you do for any other vacation day.

42.Soares received criticism from one Albany County official for arguing back vacation pay to an assistant district attorney whom he had dismissed.

43.Katz said the huge vacation pay surplus would make it more difficult for the district to obtain additional funding from the state.

44.Wilgoren : " Any vacation pay you have accrued must be paid to you when you are laid off under state law.

45.Those include using money raised by passenger fees for higher wages and health benefits, pensions, vacation pay and promotion opportunities for workers.

46.People close to the UAW said the union was trying to drive a hard bargain with GM, particularly in demanding vacation pay.

47.Police fired water cannons Thursday to break up a rowdy demonstration of several thousand Belgian soldiers demanding higher wages and vacation pay.

48.She had to forgo most of her benefits, including health insurance and vacation pay, but got more money per hour to compensate.

49.The workers want an increase in salaries, pension and vacation pay, more vacation and an end to the contracting out of work.

50.Workers losing their jobs will receive one week's salary for every year they have been with the company, plus accrued vacation pay.

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