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English-Hindi > vacuousnesses" sentence in Hindi

vacuousnesses in a sentence

11.It may just be that the vacuousness of " The Fifth Element " will boost its box-office chances.

12.Today we have people who can't perform so we have to cover up the vacuousness with all this technique . "'

13.Gervais's Brent is a monster of vacuousness, tripping over himself with lies and insulting every person with whom he has contact.

14.Sambu eventually gets married to Vembu, who is clearly smarter than her husband and spares no criticism of her husband's vacuousness.

15.Other than a few obligatory life lessons about family, friendship and teamwork to obscure the vacuousness on display, that's about it.

16.And Bush is clearly defensive about the intimations of intellectual vacuousness that are fed by his disinclination to store or brandish certain details and information.

17.Jeff Miers of " The Buffalo News " calls the album " a response to the oppressive vacuousness of the Bush years ".

18.The apotheosis of this cautious vacuousness _ the ultimate un-Ventura _ was Elizabeth Dole, who mercifully dropped out of the Republican race this week.

19.At first sight, that looks like a remarkable admission of intellectual vacuousness after only six months in office; but it is not quite that bad.

20.In less talented hands, the effect can be the technological equivalent of a luscious brush stroke : it looks so good that its vacuousness can pass unnoticed.

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