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English-Hindi > vacuum bag" sentence in Hindi

vacuum bag in a sentence

41.Special vacuum bags that can capture particles as small as one micron are also available at a higher cost, but they cannot be used in all vacuums because require extra suction.

42.It's a complicated battle against germs these days, one waged in a society swimming in the means to cleanliness _ antibacterial soaps, antifungal wallpapers, sterilized easy chairs and sanitized vacuum bags.

43.Those with severe allergies or asthma can use a vacuum with a high efficiency particulate air ( HEPA ) filter to capture allergen; use double vacuum bags and change them regularly.

44.RTM has a fiber preform placed between mold halves, while VARTM uses the bottom part of the mold tool and a vacuum bag with resin flow caused by the use of a vacuum.

45.An infrared detector, can then be used to determine if there are any heat releases on the surface of vacuum bag, which would be an indication of the presence of an air leak.

46.At a warehouse, Harold grabs a gun from a shelf and Dr . Kroger gestures for Harold to shoot Merrigan and his accomplice, who are emptying the vacuum bag to destroy the evidence.

47.Once the reinforcing yarn is in place, a second sheet of plastic film goes on top to sandwich it in and the whole mold is encased in a vacuum bag to compress the laminate.

48.Due to its strong barrier against oxygen and gas, food packaging manufacturers, including PremiumPack, use EVOH in their shrink vacuum bag structure to extend the shelf life of food products and protect their nutrients against bacteria.

49.When a curved part is to be glued in a vacuum bag, it is important that the pieces being glued be placed over a solidly built form, or have an air bladder placed under the form.

50.The media had focused on the scene where Chen's character accidentally killed her boyfriend and tried to get rid of the corpse by taking off all of his garments and putting him into a vacuum bag.

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