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English-Hindi > vacuum distillation" sentence in Hindi

vacuum distillation in a sentence

11.While vacuum distillation of ethanol is not presently economical, pressure-swing distillation is a topic of current research.

12.This instability was due to traces of impurities ( Richard Wolffenstein, who produced it by vacuum distillation.

13.Utilizing vacuum distillation can reduce the height and diameter, and thus the capital cost of a distillation column.

14.They are refined by vacuum distillation.

15.This originated beneath a Vacuum Distillation column at a steam out point where maintenance was being carried out.

16.Another advantage of vacuum distillation is the reduced capital cost, at the expense of slightly more operating cost.

17.Industrial-scale vacuum distillation has several advantages.

18.It once was a popular laboratory method for purification of organic compounds, but has become obsolete by vacuum distillation.

19.The project includes a 70, 000-bbl / day vacuum distillation unit, a sulfur recovery unit and a lube oil hydrocracker.

20.Pure MMA ( > 99.9 % ) is produced from the crude MMA in a series of vacuum distillations and separations.

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