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English-Hindi > vacuum pump" sentence in Hindi

vacuum pump in a sentence

41.Influenced by Torricelli, Otto von Guericke invented a vacuum pump by modifying an air gun pump.

42.The manufacturing process of lactylates is an vacuum outgassing with the use of a vacuum pump system.

43.It has a false bottom, to which is connected a pipe from a vacuum pump working intermittently.

44.Vacuum pumps are the usual vacuum source.

45.Robert Boyle improved Guericke's design and with the help of Robert Hooke further developed vacuum pump technology.

46.The West Seattle Hum was traced to a vacuum pump used by CalPortland to offload cargo from ships.

47.In comparison with their predecessors, sealed neutron tubes do not require vacuum pumps and gas sources for operation.

48.SGL's listing was closely followed the same month by Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG, a turbomolecular vacuum pump maker.

49.He invented the vacuum pump, a device that can draw out air or gas from the attached vessel.

50.In this method heated air is forced through the mold prior to the use of a vacuum pump.

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