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English-Hindi > veau" sentence in Hindi

veau in a sentence

11.A blanquette de veau planned for the fall menu will be simmered in coconut milk, not cream.

12.Recipes include use in three-cheese fondue together with livarot and camembert, to accompany tournedos de veau.

13.He contributed to Suel's magazine " Moue de Veau " sometime between 1989 and 1999.

14.Bois de Veau was entered but the division was not able to advance down the slopes to Pargny-Filain.

15.Old dishes like tete de veau ( as veal-head stew is called ) and tripe await you on the menu.

16.In the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Anse-a-Veau was swollen by refugees from the afflicted areas.

17.The area has many quality labels ( " Veau fermier �lev?sous la m�re ", Limousin beef . . . ).

18.That's why it's also important to savor the tete de veau, the calf's head ."

19.Dessalines commanded many successful engagements, including the captures of Jacmel, Petit-Go�ve, Mirago�ne and Anse-?Veau.

20."I told Maria that people wanted fast Italian-style veal dishes, not blanquette de veau, " he said.

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