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English-Hindi > vector algebra" sentence in Hindi

vector algebra in a sentence

11.In vector algebra, a branch of mathematics, the "'triple product "'is a product of three 3-dimensional vectors, usually Euclidean vectors.

12.vector algebra, and thus " n "-vector is well-suited for mathematical calculations, e . g . adding, subtracting, interpolating and averaging positions.

13.As a vector algebra can be used for the position calculations, and this makes " n "-vector well-suited for most horizontal position calculations.

14.In addition to traditional vector algebra this allows programming of particle systems, as also rendering nodes and deal with arrays of values accordingly.

15.In vector algebra they are usually represented by vectors, perpendicular to the plane of the force, linear momentum or displacement that they are calculated from.

16.Not only did Capildeo produce many significant mathematical theories and a book on Vector Algebra and Mechanics in 1967, he also studied law in London in 1956.

17.The transformations on the full vectors can be constructed from them as follows ( throughout here "'L "'is a pseudovector for concreteness and compatibility with vector algebra ).

18.Vector algebra is more widely used in elementary multivariable calculus, while geometric algebra is used in some more advanced treatments, and is proposed for elementary use as well.

19.Access to elliptic space structure is provided through the vector algebra of William Rowan Hamilton : he envisioned a sphere as a domain of square roots of minus one.

20.Vector algebra is specific to Euclidean 3-space, while geometric algebra uses multilinear algebra and applies in all dimensions and signatures, notably 3 + 1 spacetime as well as 2 dimensions.

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