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English-Hindi > vector analysis" sentence in Hindi

vector analysis in a sentence

1.In 1936, his first book " Vector Analysis " was published.

2.Vector analysis related the fluid flow with turbine shape and rotation.

3.He had made advances in the areas of vector analysis.

4.Could someone show me the mathematics, perhaps using vector analysis, to prove my hypothesis?

5.The definition can be expressed by the vector analysis formula:

6.Velocities are directly additive as vector quantities; they must be dealt with using vector analysis.

7.Expecting answers from the learned community . As an example consider Schaum series Vector Analysis.

8.And we learned lessons that went beyond applied geometry and vector analysis to human nature.

9.Vector analysis had a certain intuitive appeal compared to the rigors of the new algebras.

10.I've found explanations of the hyperbolic functions, but not how they are used for vector analysis.

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