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English-Hindi > vector analysis" sentence in Hindi

vector analysis in a sentence

11.He also wrote a textbook on vector analysis.

12.At the beginning of the twentieth century, Josiah Willard Gibbs derived the same vector by vector analysis.

13.However, I also do not feel like trying to validate all of the vector analysis at this time.

14.Genese introduced into the United Kingdom the ideas of Hermann Grassmann ( advancing the use of vector analysis ).

15.The vector formula for the magnitude and direction of the Coriolis acceleration is derived through vector analysis and is

16.Crowe's chapter seven is a survey of " Twelve major publications in Vector Analysis from 1894 to 1910 ".

17.If you're playing with your dog, " you want a dog that has a pretty advanced ability in vector analysis,"

18.He wrote at least eight books, one of which, Vector Analysis, ( McGraw Hill, NY, 1955 ) remains in print today.

19.Vector analysis described the same phenomena as quaternions, so it borrowed some ideas and terminology liberally from the literature of quaternions.

20.However, vector analysis was conceptually simpler and notationally cleaner, and eventually quaternions were relegated to a minor role in mathematics and physics.

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