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English-Hindi > vector analysis" sentence in Hindi

vector analysis in a sentence

41.Physicists and mathematicians alike readily adopted it as their geometrical toolkit of choice, particularly following the influential 1901 textbook " Vector Analysis " by Edwin Bidwell Wilson, following lectures of Gibbs.

42.While he was working on vector analysis in the late 1870s, Gibbs discovered that his approach was similar to the one that Grassmann had taken in his " multiple algebra ".

43.It can also edit and offer a variety of utilities to the GIS user, like support for [ www . sextantegis . com / Sextante ] libraries for raster and vector analysis

44.The legacy of quaternionic analysis in vector analysis can be seen in the use of to indicate the basis vectors of "'R "'3 : it is being thought of as the purely imaginary quaternions.

45.:: Take as another example of the analysis of a quantity " vector analysis " ( i . e . " the analysis of quantities having magnitude and direction " from 2002 Encyclopedia America ).

46.I need Latex source files in vector analysis, Fourier analysis, elementary probability and stats in order to save my time otherwise I have to do it myself VERY SOON in order to make my living.

47.Vector analysis is a primary function of MapInfo based on X, Y coordinates and the user can create and edit data directly with commands such as : node editing, combine, split, erase, buffer, clip region.

48.Gibbs's lecture notes on vector calculus were privately printed in 1881 and 1884 for the use of his students, and were later adapted by Edwin Bidwell Wilson into a textbook, " Vector Analysis ", published in 1901.

49.They were all originally studied in the context of the classical theory of electromagnetism, and contemporary university physics curricula typically treat the material using approximately the concepts and notation found in Gibbs and Wilson's " Vector Analysis ".

50.'Alexander in his " vector analysis " . . . measur [ ed ] the relative participation of the three basic directions in which an organism's tendencies towards the external world may be effective : reception, elimination, and retention '.

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