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English-Hindi > vector control" sentence in Hindi

vector control in a sentence

11.Vector control accordingly generates a three-phase coordinate time invariant system.

12.The main way to prevent malaria is through vector control.

13.The nozzle, with 4-jet vane vector control, protruded from one wall of the octagonal structure.

14.Aerojet also modified the NK-33 to incorporate thrust vector control capability for Antares launch vehicle.

15.One important feature of this series is thrust-vector control.

16.Thrust vector control ( TVC ) is used when the propulsion system is creating thrust.

17.Thrust vector control is provided by electro-mechanical actuators on the engine dome for pitch and yaw.

18.Thrust vector control is provided by engine gimballing.

19.Combining vector control and mass drug administration deemphasizes both, making each less susceptible to resistance evolution.

20.In order to implement successful vector control, frequent preventative sprays are required, which is rarely done.

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