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English-Hindi > victimizations" sentence in Hindi

victimizations in a sentence

31.His focus on the victimization of the worker reflects his socialist roots.

32.They often choose to be Consequences of victimization below ).

33.Those, not victimization, were the core values ."

34.An increased risk of victimization later in life has also been reported.

35.It has created a wide range of online interpersonal victimization.

36.The people are on their way to victimization of consumerism.

37.Plumlee also helped educate women on how to avoid victimization.

38.That we must not participate in or prolong their victimization.

39.The Kosovo Myth was often used to create a Serbian victimization narrative.

40.Research has recognized both the prevalence and mounting consequences of repeat victimization.

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