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English-Hindi > victimizer" sentence in Hindi

victimizer in a sentence

31.Unlike those Jewish researchers, though, Ishida represents the victimizers rather than the victims.

32.The Ducks were one of the victimizers, sweeping the second-seeded Red Wings.

33.Each of these peoples has been both victim and victimizer, although to different degrees.

34.Four victims and four victimizers, each likable in one moment, threatening in the next.

35.Had the victimizer become a victim?

36.There are no victimizers or victims.

37."The world conceived by the active killer is a dark dialectic of victim and victimizer.

38.The victim eventually becomes the victimizer.

39.The questions are knotty and emotional : What does it mean to be a victim and victimizer?

40.The reporters project tough sympathy, reminding us that many of the victimizers began life as victims.

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