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English-Hindi > victims of crime" sentence in Hindi

victims of crime in a sentence

31.She was manipulating grieving family members of victims of crimes to get better ratings.

32.In 2002, Dittrich received the Victims of Crime Award from the Ohio attorney general.

33.Radmuller explains that they are the victims of crimes that Batman failed to stop.

34.It is about respect for the victims of crimes against humanity ", Genscher said.

35.Victims of crime in Latvia have access to legal aid.

36.The government of Luxembourg has implemented two telephone hotlines to assist victims of crime.

37.In addition, there is the fear of being identified as a victim of crime.

38.Being a victim of crime prevention is an interesting thing,

39.They are tougher on crime because they are more often the victims of crime.

40.Miriam Shehane, director of Victims of Crime and Leniency, considers it worth a try.

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