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English-Hindi > victims of crime" sentence in Hindi

victims of crime in a sentence

41.In Greece, victims of crime enjoy rights before, during and after the trial process.

42... . black Americans are more likely than whites to be victims of crime.

43.Americans hold second place with 44 victims of crime reported.

44.Community centers work with victims of crime and teach women how to defend themselves.

45.Are the dead victims of crimes entitled to privacy?

46.But the victims of crimes do not have rights that are always protected and guaranteed.

47.Compensation for victims of crime is extensive within Denmark.

48.The remainder would be donated to the Crime Victims Board, which assists victims of crime.

49.We know tourists can be victims of crime, so they just have to be careful,

50.There are disabled children, children who are victims of crime, retarded and mentally disturbed children.

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