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English-Hindi > wabash river" sentence in Hindi

wabash river in a sentence

31.Notices of violation were issued to Cinergy's Wabash River Plant and American Electric Power's Conesville Plant.

32.The Kaskaskia River and Wabash River are nearby.

33.The Cannonball Bridge across the Wabash River at St . Francisville, Illinois, continues to collect tolls.

34.Here, the canal crossed 5 miles to the Little Wabash River and headed downstream through Indiana.

35.The most distinctive feature of this highway is the Jewettsport Ford Bridge over the Wabash River.

36.A bridge had replaced the old flatboats and ferries that had previously crossed the Wabash River.

37.Soon the officials in Louisiana sent more men to help Vincennes to hold the Wabash River.

38.Their combined discharge was probably the primary source of water for the proglacial Wabash River system.

39.The French colonists set up remote fur trading posts throughout the region, including on Wabash River.

40.Grayville was built on the Wabash River.

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