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English-Hindi > waff" sentence in Hindi

waff in a sentence

41.WAFF received national media attention on July 29, 2010 when a report aired on July 28 became a viral video known as the Bed Intruder Song.

42.The Festival was established by Max Klubal and Sally Grice, who at the time were committee members of the Western Australian Folk Federation ( WAFF ).

43.Andorra made its first appearance at the WAFF ( World Australian Football Federation ) World 9s in September 2008, which was played in Valls, Catalonia.

44.Iran national under-23 football team players also dedicated their win to Hadi Norouzi during their match against Bahrain at 2015 WAFF U-23 Championship.

45.By 25 August 1915 he was a temporary lieutenant and was transferred to the General List for service with the West African Frontier Force ( WAFF ).

46.It was organized by the World Amputee Football Federation ( WAFF ), and was held in Culiac�n, Mexico between November 30 December 8, 2014.

47.During Jordan's victorious 2014 WAFF Women's Championship campaign, Al-Nahar scored four goals in a 7 0 win over Chinese Taipei.

48.As the meeting draws to a close, Taraza accidentally divines that Waff is a Zensunni, giving the Bene Gesserit a lever to understand their ancient competitor.

49.The "'2008 WAFF Championship "'was the fifth West Asian Football Federation Championship, an international tournament for West Asian countries and territories.

50.The "'2008 WAFF Women's Futsal Championship "'was the inaugural women's futsal championship for the West Asian Football Federation.

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