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English-Hindi > wage claim" sentence in Hindi

wage claim in a sentence

11.The unions will also be looking at part-time wages during the second stage of its wage claim.

12.No government with inflation at around 2 percent could yield to a wage claim of 40 percent,

13.The government's arguing against the claim before the Industrial Relations Commission, an independent arbiter of wage claims.

14.But it refuses to accept individual wage claims by slave workers, who were technically working for private companies.

15.But outgoing Chancellor Helmut Kohl had rejected any government involvement, saying companies are responsible for back wage claims.

16.A : You can't file an unpaid-wages claim because you weren't an employee : You were a contractor.

17.If that doesn't work, file a wage claim with the Department of Labor at ( 415 ) 744-5590.

18.He filed a wage claim with the California Labor Commissioner, winning an award of almost $ 70, 000.

19.Australian bonds posted their worst losses in two weeks yesterday partially on concern large wage claims will ignite inflation.

20.Workers with a complaint can file a wage claim with the Department of Industrial Relations'Division of Labor Standards Enforcement.

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