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English-Hindi > wage concession" sentence in Hindi

wage concession in a sentence

21.Its most pressing labor challenge _ wage concessions involving all its employees _ still lies ahead.

22.For one, most employee-ownership plans don't involve wage concessions, he said.

23.Any employee who makes less than dlrs 30, 000 would be exempt from the wage concessions.

24.Any employee who makes less than dlrs 30, 000 will be exempt from the wage concessions.

25.However, several sources said the move was a strategy to extract wage concessions from the Teamsters Union.

26.The surprisingly high profits may make it difficult for the carrier to wring wage concessions from its unions.

27.The intention is that companies would commit themselves to keeping their workers employed in exchange for wage concessions.

28.That airline is expected to wrest deep wage concessions from workers if it files for Chapter 11 protection.

29.United argued that the wage concessions would allow it to meet cost-reduction benchmarks into the spring.

30.Shortly thereafter, management made new demands, including wage concessions, on issues already settled, said Haley.

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