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English-Hindi > wage concession" sentence in Hindi

wage concession in a sentence

31.In addition, this may force the issue of wage concessions which would, ultimately, also help everyone.

32.The airline has won wage concessions from most of its unions, with the baggage carriers a notable exception.

33.Wolf replaces Seth Schofield, who failed in his bid to win wage concessions from the carrier's unions.

34.In 1994, employees received 55 percent of UAL in exchange for $ 4.8 billion in wage concessions.

35.Outstanding issues earlier yesterday were pilots'demands for profit-sharing or stock options in exchange for wage concessions.

36.He added that the Air Line Pilots Association Monday ratified wage concessions for the next 5 1 / 2 years.

37.US Airways has reached agreements with its pilots and flight attendants on a collective dlrs 550 million in wage concessions.

38.The proposal, which offers wage concessions in return for equity, would require other employees and investors to make sacrifices.

39.In July 1994, workers bought 55 percent of the company by agreeing to wage concessions totaling nearly $ 5 billion.

40.The pilots wanted a substantial raise to make up for wage concessions they made in 1993 that helped Northwest avoid bankruptcy.

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