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English-Hindi > wage concession" sentence in Hindi

wage concession in a sentence

41.Both groups, along with salaried employees, bought 55 percent of the airline in 1994 in exchange for wage concessions.

42.Employees have agreed to hundreds of millions of dollars in wage concessions, and furloughs and layoffs continue at the airline.

43.United's 24, 000 flight attendants had been widely expected to approve the $ 412 million in wage concessions.

44.American Airlines'chances of avoiding bankruptcy looked shaky after flight attendants did not approve $ 340 million in wage concessions.

45.In response to worker grievances, Bongo negotiated on a sector-by-sector basis, making significant wage concessions.

46.In the process, he has reduced the number of city employees by a quarter, won wage concessions and increased productivity.

47.The mayor hinted Thursday that he might be willing to negotiate on the issue in exchange for wage concessions by the police.

48.Or some of the company's capital could be given to its pilots in exchange for wage concessions, he said.

49.Outstanding issues earlier in the day were pilots'demands for profit-sharing or stock options in exchange for wage concessions.

50.Officials with the flight attendants union said recently that management hasn't given any indication that they will seek wage concessions.

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