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English-Hindi > wage freeze" sentence in Hindi

wage freeze in a sentence

1.Volkswagen reiterated its insistence on a two-year wage freeze and other cutbacks.

2.An agreement was reached in August, resulting in a 6-year wage freeze.

3.In 2012, Reynolds School District employees agreed to a one-year wage freeze.

4.The wage freeze proposal comprises 20 billion marks of the savings package.

5.The pilots have accepted some other steps, like a two-year wage freeze.

6.It imposed a wage freeze on salaried defense workers and corporate executives.

7.Rumors about a possible wage freeze had been circulating among employees.

8.The MTA countered with an offer that began with a two-year wage freeze.

9.Normally companies, especially companies with our revenue picture, would have a wage freeze,

10.The government also faced down unions over the budget's public sector wage freeze.

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