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English-Hindi > wage freeze" sentence in Hindi

wage freeze in a sentence

11.In this case, the premium freeze translated into a wage freeze.

12.It wasn't clear whether the proposed wage freeze would allow for cost-of-living adjustments.

13.The state replied that it would seek a four-year wage freeze.

14.Last month, the union rejected employers'call for a 14-month wage freeze.

15.Sabena pilots struck Thursday in protest against a wage freeze.

16.Frequent wage freeze decrees continued to depress living standards generally and income inequality increased.

17.The tax hike and public sector wage freeze prohibited salary increases and new hires.

18.The company argued it had saved by negotiating a teachers'contract with a wage freeze.

19.Labor unions have threatened to strike in the fall against a public-sector wage freeze.

20.Measures include a wage freeze for civil servants and greater control of state spending.

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