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English-Hindi > wage freeze" sentence in Hindi

wage freeze in a sentence

21.According to the Union's president 66 percent of the teachers approved the wage freeze.

22.Unions have threatened strike action over the proposed wage freeze.

23.Berlin is demanding that the union's rank and file accept a four-year wage freeze.

24.And he gave a wage freeze some serious thought.

25.Mine workers had already accepted a wage freeze earlier this year, hoping to avoid layoffs.

26.If your company has a hiring freeze and a wage freeze, are exceptions being made?

27.There have been tuition hikes and a wage freeze.

28.A two-year wage freeze in the public sector is a key plank in the plan.

29.Earlier this month steelworkers in the East rejected the employers'call for a 14-month wage freeze.

30.A two-year wage freeze in the public sector is a key part of the plan.

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