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English-Hindi > wage freeze" sentence in Hindi

wage freeze in a sentence

31.The journalists have had a wage freeze since 1992.

32.The news service reported last week that Peoria-based Caterpillar would be asking for the wage freeze.

33.Spinetta settled with the pilots, getting a wage freeze by offering them stock in the company.

34.But the wage freeze remains intact, and so Mazin has already decided to vote no again.

35.The government is insisting on a wage freeze.

36.Angry workers launched a wave of strikes against both the wage freeze and the conscription proposal.

37.Sox veterans Roger Clemens and Mo Vaughn were reluctant to criticize the front office wage freeze.

38.The new agreement included a wage freeze, but not the pay cuts the company had demanded.

39.A wage freeze was discussed but we prefer wage restraint, because a freeze is too rigid,

40.In 2011 responding to serious revenue constraints, the board and teachers union discussed a wage freeze.

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