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English-Hindi > wage freeze" sentence in Hindi

wage freeze in a sentence

41.An earlier proposal for a two-year wage freeze made up 20 billion marks of that package.

42."We don't like the two-year wage freeze.

43.Government officials and union leaders are scheduled to meet Dec . 3 to discuss the wage freeze.

44.Moreover, said company spokeswoman Elizabeth Allen, a wage freeze means the new titles carry no pay raises.

45.Volkswagen is seeking a two-year wage freeze for 103, 000 employees at its six west German plans.

46.Volkswagen is seeking a two-year wage freeze.

47.The wage freeze is part of the 1997 proposed budget that must be approved by Dec . 31.

48.The program then included a sharp drop in corporate and personal taxes, as well as a wage freeze.

49.American proposed the wage freeze Friday.

50.A two-year wage freeze in the public sector was to make up 20 billion marks of the savings.

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