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English-Hindi > wage hike" sentence in Hindi

wage hike in a sentence

11.Workers there have demanded a 10 . 48 percent wage hike.

12.If the economic condition improves, then we can talk about a wage hike.

13.The union is seeking annual wage hikes of about 3 percent.

14.The unions are demanding a 4 . 5 percent wage hike.

15.The legislature must include the wage hikes in next year's budget.

16.But all are agreed on demanding a 25 percent wage hike.

17.When the session ended in July, the wage hike proposal died.

18.Traditionally, economists have opposed minimum wage hikes on the grounds they cost jobs.

19.Surveys show the wage hike had minimal impact and jobs were not lost.

20.The government offered an eight percent wage hike for public employees.

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