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English-Hindi > wage hike" sentence in Hindi

wage hike in a sentence

21.Weingarten demanded a 22 percent wage hike; Giuliani offered 8 percent.

22.CNA officials, meanwhile, praised the wage hikes won by Local 250.

23.Union leaders say it was rejected because it didn't include a wage hike.

24.Samant enjoyed success in organising strikes and winning substantial wage hikes from companies.

25.Government wage hikes mask the larger problem of public sector restructuring, said analysts.

26.The non-teaching staff are not teachers and the wage hikes cannot encompass them,

27.Employers previously rejected demands for a 50 percent wage hike.

28.The company could see costs rise with a wage hike.

29.Workers had demanded an 18 percent wage hike and management had offered 10 percent.

30.The wage hike should be approved without such tax breaks.

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