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English-Hindi > wage hike" sentence in Hindi

wage hike in a sentence

31.At LG Caltex, striking workers are demanding a 10 . 5 percent wage hike.

32.Workers there have threatened to strike unless they receive a 30 percent wage hike.

33.Workers from Renel are demanding a 20 percent wage hike.

34.There have been similar wage hikes every year since 1993.

35.Last month, the union accepted a 4 . 7 percent wage hike for other members.

36.He points to votes approving health insurance and welfare reform and a minimum wage hike.

37.The union is demanding a 22 percent wage hike.

38.During the day, 21 factories gave in to demands for a 10 percent wage hike.

39.But the airline still maintains it is opposed to a wage hike for its pilots.

40.Union officials demanded a $ 25 monthly wage hike which the management refused to pay.

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