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English-Hindi > wage hike" sentence in Hindi

wage hike in a sentence

41.Health workers plan a partial strike in coming weeks for a 35 percent wage hike.

42.Several other growers at the meeting agreed to incremental wage hikes in the near future.

43.The strikers are demanding a 10 percent wage hike.

44.Workers there have demanded a 10.48 percent wage hike.

45.Most involve back wages and demands for wage hikes.

46.The workers are seeking wage hikes and other benefits.

47.Chavez on Wednesday decreed wage hikes that will reach 25 percent by Oct . 1.

48.They cannot bring the country to a halt and then press for impossible wage hikes.

49.The unions are demanding a 4.5 percent wage hike.

50.The miners demand a 60 percent wage hike.

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