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English-Hindi > wage scale" sentence in Hindi

wage scale in a sentence

1.Another incentive was the lower wage scales in the densely populated island.

2.With a wage scale of $ 30 a month, who could resist?

3.The ballpark being a state wage scale competitive with the rest of America.

4.Many workers at the lower end of the wage scale are part-time employees.

5.The contract proposals also call for a sliding minimum wage scale.

6.A wage scale agreement is awaiting adoption of a code for the industry.

7.Teamsters officials initially claimed the settlement retained a single wage scale.

8.On any wage scale, that's pretty good work, if you can get it.

9.Wage scales disqualify most workers for food stamps and other welfare.

10.Workers at the top of the wage scale saw double-digit increases in pay.

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