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English-Hindi > wage scale" sentence in Hindi

wage scale in a sentence

11.Unlike other contracts, the new contract does not set wage scales.

12.The government imposed high wage scales, as well as collective bargaining and insurance schemes.

13.We have the same employee pool, the same wage scale.

14.In the pattern set after World War II, wage scales rose frequently between recessions.

15.Jault described the wage scale as " highly competitive ."

16.An even stronger attraction is the country's low wage scales.

17.Craft agreed that the company essentially got it wanted, including a two-tiered wage scale.

18.Delta Express also used a two-tiered wage scale the airline found unsustainable, officials said.

19.Party and government officials set wage scales and work norms.

20.The three-year pause in wage scale increases does not preclude raises for union members.

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