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English-Hindi > wage scale" sentence in Hindi

wage scale in a sentence

31.So, short of restructuring their wage scales, how can agencies get kids into the business?

32.Hunter added that the proposal does not contain a change in the rookie wage scale.

33.Pilots resented the split wage scale but agreed because the industry was in a slump.

34.The company says it needs relief from GM wage scales of about $ 19 an hour.

35.One of the union's major goals was to eliminate the lower wage scale at Delta Express.

36.Severance pay and minimum wage scales were added.

37.Despite this, Tampa s cigar makers resisted change by defending wage scales and traditional work practices.

38.The Knitting Factory also agreed to a wage scale of $ 200 for the 1999 festival.

39.Again, three years ago, he was hammered by Falk for simply allowing a rookie wage scale.

40.Initially, the new annual wage scale will range from $ 14, 400 to $ 32, 200.

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