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English-Hindi > wage scale" sentence in Hindi

wage scale in a sentence

41.Most companies have avoided raising wage scales.

42."There's a wage scale for the rookies,"

43.The players have agreed the three-year rookie wage scale needs to be longer, as the owners want.

44.Meantime, developments on the lower end of the wage scale have some Fed officials wringing their hands.

45.Knight also defended Nike's wage scale abroad.

46.There is not a lot the federal government can do to nudge wage scales upward across the board.

47.If the economy continues to grow and jobs increase, the market forces will take care of wage scales,

48.But minority students are in such high demand they can command increasingly higher wage scales, industry sources said.

49.Women who work in unionized workplaces are often better off, she said, because unions typically negotiate wage scales.

50.They seemed to come from almost every kind of neighborhood, and they worked at almost every wage scale.

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