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English-Hindi > wealthy person" sentence in Hindi

wealthy person in a sentence

11.I never dream of becoming a wealthy person.

12.If a peasant stole the clothing of a wealthy person, anyone could see.

13.He also gained the support of certain wealthy persons and maintained sources for medicine.

14.Such a term is rarely used when a wealthy person is released for similar reasons.

15.The wealthy person has dismissed Fenderson out of apparent concern about fallout from the case.

16.Its status is that of a wealthy person not wanting to do anything with poverty.

17.They indulged in princely luxurious life and enjoyed all the privileges and pastimes of wealthy persons.

18.Upon graduation from RISD, Douglas traveled in Europe as a companion to a wealthy person.

19.A wealthy person should send a nicer package to his recipients than would a poor person.

20.When you search google news, you will find news injected by highly wealthy persons only.

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