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English-Hindi > wealthy person" sentence in Hindi

wealthy person in a sentence

21.If a wealthy person is in trouble with the law, he can hire a good lawyer.

22.Similarly, one should send a nicer portion to a wealthy person than to a poor person.

23."I'm not a wealthy person; I'm a working person,"

24.It's conceivable some government or wealthy person would put up enough money and get it approved.

25.These singers were often hired on the occasion of a celebration in the harem of a wealthy person.

26.After the emergence of the first civilizations, wealthy persons began to create gardens for purely aesthetic purposes.

27.He avoided the company of wealthy persons and helped the poor and needy by spending money and time.

28.One is brought up by a wealthy person, and the other by the mother ( Lakshmi ).

29.It has much more to do with me not being a wealthy person than with me being a woman.

30.WASHINGTON _ Imagine an election in which each poor person gets one vote but each wealthy person gets two.

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