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English-Hindi > wealthy person" sentence in Hindi

wealthy person in a sentence

31.What may be of little value to a wealthy person may be of great value to a poor person.

32.A very wealthy person could avoid all tax on her estate by spreading it over a large number of individuals.

33.The vicious rake is invariably presented as a despicable, if wealthy person, who thrives on scheming and intrigue.

34.However, Craft, a very wealthy person, refused because he was afraid that he would attract Viking raids.

35.Ludington sold his interests to them in 1869 for half a million dollars-making him a very wealthy person.

36."I did not grow up as a wealthy person, " she said in an interview late last year.

37."If you're a corporation or a wealthy person, the likelihood is you're very happy,"

38.Scalia countered by suggesting that a wealthy person had a right to contribute " as fully as he is able ."

39."It's just unimaginable that a wealthy person would sit in jail for three months without talking to a lawyer.

40.They just think I'm some well-dressed, wealthy person who's gotten lost, " she said.

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