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English-Hindi > wealthy person" sentence in Hindi

wealthy person in a sentence

41.But Scalia countered by suggesting a wealthy person has a right to contribute " as fully as he is able ."

42.There is a constraint linking Wealthy Person Type to Net Worth in Dollars, even though we cannot deduce one from the other.

43.Forbes magazine reported three weeks ago that he is the 169th most wealthy person in the world with a fortune of $ 1 billion.

44.Forbes magazine reported Sept . 30 that he is the 169th most wealthy person in the world with a fortune of $ 1 billion.

45."People believe there's more glamour to being a very wealthy person, but there really is a lot of work.

46.It is easier for a wealthy person to buy a helicopter than it is for a working-class person to buy a car.

47.Mount Jiuhua was also property of a wealthy person called Elder Wen-Ke, who obliged to build a temple on his mountain.

48.Although he was not a wealthy person, Licht was great philanthropist who often aided various Zagreb, students, sport and charitable societies.

49."If you're a wealthy person with big taxable earnings, municipals are the best place to put your money ."

50.Koch is by no means the only wealthy person pursued in recent years by foreign governments seeking to recover ancient objects they say were stolen.

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