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English-Hindi > whin" sentence in Hindi

whin in a sentence

11.It has also been known as " Nether Whitwell in the Whins ".

12.Its other common names include dyer's whin, waxen woad and waxen wood.

13.How would I avoid all of the gorse, whin and pot bunkers that were waiting?

14.There has been small-scale mining in the area between Whins of Milton and Bannockburn.

15.The name'whin'derives from the sound it makes when struck with a hammer.

16.Motorist Tom Whin, 47, of Phoenix fears absolute speed limits could lead to more crashes.

17.Then, whin a couple of hours, the edits were reverted back and forth several times.

18.After the end of the Carboniferous period, an intrusion of quartz dolerite formed the Whin Sill.

19.Mulberry Whin offers over a mile of double bank chalk stream fishing on a day ticket basis.

20.She quickly went clear and won " in a canter " by four lengths from Whin Blossom.

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