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English-Hindi > wrist band" sentence in Hindi

wrist band in a sentence

11.Guests over 21 were issued lime-green wrist bands so bartenders would serve them.

12.Magnets are now being sold in shoes, wrist bands, jewelry, mattress pads and pillows.

13.He walked toward him and gently tossed the wrist band.

14.On special ceremonies and dances they would also use skirts, anklets and wrist bands.

15.With his hands raised in celebration, Everett threw his wrist bands to the crowd.

16.Any unused funds on the wrist band can be refunded back to the guest.

17.Then he removed his wrist bands and hurled them.

18.After his talk with Sampras, Becker tossed his shirt and wrist band into the crowd.

19.Two billowing laundry bags stuffed with wrist bands and batting gloves are in Lopez's locker.

20.Contact with the iron wrist bands electrocutes him, and he falls to the ground, dead.

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