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English-Hindi > wrist joint" sentence in Hindi

wrist joint in a sentence

1.The spacewalkers will also replace the robot arm's faulty wrist joint assembly.

2.Then the new wrist joint went on and the hand was reattached.

3.Even more than a mobile base, it needs a new wrist joint.

4.The two spacewalkers will replace one of the arm's wrist joints.

5.It is common to ignore the wrist joint in manual calculations.

6.Problems with one of the three wrist joints began in March.

7.The wrist joint came off next with the loosening of six more bolts.

8.Although categorized as action figures, these only feature movable wrist joints.

9.Its action is to flex and adduct the wrist joint.

10.The device is equipped with shoulder, elbow and wrist joints as well as three fingers.

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