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English-Hindi > wrist joint" sentence in Hindi

wrist joint in a sentence

31.They planned to make one more spacewalk Thursday to replace a wrist joint in the robot arm that kept seizing up.

32.The 12-day flight by Endeavour will feature three spacewalks, one to replace a wrist joint in the space station's robot arm.

33.The plan calls for astronauts to remove the arm's snarelike hand, called an end effector, before replacing the flawed wrist joint.

34."Replacing that wrist joint was critical, " said NASA's Linda Ham, who coordinates preparations for shuttle assembly missions to the space station.

35.Working outside the station and the visiting space shuttle Endeavour, the astronauts removed the arm's snarelike hand and a faulty wrist joint.

36."' Ganglion cysts "'are soft globular structures that occur on the back of the hand usually near the junction of the wrist joint.

37.Using the arm's backup wrist joint assembly, shuttle astronauts managed to pull off the April installation and some lesser work earlier this week.

38.DiFiori said there is compelling evidence that stress on the growth plates in young gymnasts'wrists may interfere with development of the wrist joint.

39.Brachiation is aided by the possession of mobile wrist joints, full rotation of the upper arm, and the ability to lock elbows in suspension.

40.They have an additional little ball-and-socket joint within the wrist joint that gives them an extra 90 degrees of rotational ability within the wrist,

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