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English-Hindi > wrist strap" sentence in Hindi

wrist strap in a sentence

1.A technician may also wear antistatic garments or an antistatic wrist strap

2.The handle is topped by a knob, and have a wrist strap.

3.On December 15, 2006, Nintendo denied reports of a Wii wrist strap recall.

4.The lock clip wrist strap is now included with all new Wii Remotes.

5.On August 3, 2007, a new wrist strap was discovered to be in circulation.

6.Some brands of grips include soft, removable pads that fit under the wrist straps.

7.Another product, called Acu-Band, has an adjustable wrist strap.

8.-The wrist straps are tighter than usual.

9.This is a plastic pad, connected to the unit's wrist strap, that slips over the player's thumb.

10.On December 15, 2006, Nintendo announced it would offer to replace wrist straps for 3.2 million Wii controllers.

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