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English-Hindi > wrist strap" sentence in Hindi

wrist strap in a sentence

21.At the best, go by Radio Shack and buy a anti-static wrist strap that is designed to provide a ground for static.

22.Normally, both the mat and the wrist strap are connected to ground by using a common point ground system ( CPGS ).

23.The cattle drafter ( or " drafting whip " ) is a cane or fibreglass rod with a handgrip, knob and wrist strap.

24.It was worn on the lower right sleeve of the shirt or jacket or on a leather wrist strap when wearing short-sleeve order.

25.The wrist strap is used to secure the grip to the gymnast's hand and to transfer body weight from the fingers to the wrist.

26.DeSimone also appeared in the 2005 independent comedy " Land of College Prophets " and was a celebrity endorser for Pro-Wrist Straps gym equipment.

27.:You could purchase a grounding wrist strap from your local electronics store and connect it to the ( earthed ) metalwork on your computer.

28.While Nintendo refuted claims that three million straps had been recalled, it provided replacement wrist straps free of charge for users who have broken theirs.

29.The camera's molded plastic shell offers a solid, reassuring grip for underwater applications, and an elastic wrist strap keeps it secure while snorkeling or swimming.

30.Although Roethlisberger took a long time tightening up his wrist straps before climbing onto the bar, his routine seemed to be over in a flash.

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