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English-Hindi > wrist strap" sentence in Hindi

wrist strap in a sentence

41.When working on a computer, you can do the same thing or-- if you want to be really careful-- places such as Radio Shack sell what is called an anti-static wrist strap.

42.Wrist straps can be used to isolate muscle groups like in " lat pull-downs ", where the trainee would primarily use the latissimus dorsi muscles of the back rather than the biceps.

43.BSSDs, however, keep the PCB exposed ( thereby reducing cost, increasing density, etc . ), but however requiring special care in handling it, by use of devices such as, the antistatic wrist strap.

44.Official accessories for the GP2X Wiz include the Accessory Kit ( which comes with an SD card case, a wrist strap, and a spare stylus ), a screen protector, and a Genuine Leather Case.

45.Another type of medical jewelry is a pendant or wrist strap containing a wireless alert button, also known as a panic button, worn in the home as part of a wireless medical alert system.

46.I watch a guy next to me dip into the pocket of a russet-colored L . L . Bean field coat and remove a laminated wine wheel attached to a fluorescent orange wrist strap.

47.Official accessories for the console include an AC adapter, car adapter, headset, headphones with remote control, extended-life 2200 mAh battery, battery charger, carrying case, accessories pouch and cleaning cloth, and system pouch and wrist strap.

48.Some computer experts insist that a " wrist grounding strap, " to discharge static electricity, is essential equipment, but in 15 years, Stark says, he has never used a wrist strap and never blown a chip.

49.Wrist straps with embedded safety resistors are great if you're doing lots of work for extended periods-but you needn't go that far just to install some RAM . SteveBaker 03 : 52, 12 August 2007 ( UTC)

50.As a safety feature, the StretchTrainer has two polyester wrists straps attached to the handlebars so that when used properly, if the user loses grip, they will not fall back out of the seat and onto the floor.

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