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English-Hindi > wrist watch" sentence in Hindi

wrist watch in a sentence

1.They also developed highly accurate pocket and wrist watches during this period.

2.The careful viewer will also notice some slave extras wearing wrist watches.

3.Fake products from wrist watches to pharmaceuticals are rife in China's markets.

4.The time was estimated from one of the crew members wrist watch.

5.A Popeye memorabilia store selling Betty Boop pencils and wrist watches?

6.:The power drain of a wrist watch is minuscule compared to a smartphone.

7.One day a beggar steals Chandran s wrist watch through an open window.

8.The company even produced a digital wrist watch, Ref . 3414.

9.We also decided on wrist watches ( $ 9 . 95 each ).

10.Gather together a dozen or so people that have wrist watches.

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