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English-Hindi > wrist watch" sentence in Hindi

wrist watch in a sentence

11.Metal wrist watches manage to mesh with career, and sporty attire.

12.By 1951 the production of wrist watches increases to 1.1 million.

13.We also decided on wrist watches ( $ 9.95 each ).

14.This method is however impractical for consumer quartz clock and wrist watch movements.

15.Her mobile phone, handbag, wallet and wrist watch were not found.

16.Illinois Watch Company had four basic " periods " of wrist watch production.

17.Delic appeared unmoved by Antic's testimony, even smiling once and checking his wrist watch.

18.The types of watches available include wrist watches, pocket watches, and watch key chains.

19.Lock up the silverware and the wrist watches, sports fans.

20.Delic appeared unmoved by Antic's testimony even smiling once and checking his wrist watch.

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